Caution on the Handling of Sword - "Katana"

  1. First of all, please notice that all the sword "Katana" on this web site are not imitations but real swords. Therefore, please pay your most careful attention when you hold or handle the sword.

  2. Please surely hold the sword with the Handle Upward. Otherwise, the sword may slip off the sheath and may be damaged, or may hurt or cut your body.

  3. Please never touch the blade or the edge of the blade with hands, because the blade or the edge of the blade may hurt or cut your hands.

  4. Please never point the sword at the other persons.

  5. Please never swing the sword thoughtlessly, carelessly or recklessly.

  6. Please never cut some objects with the sword, because the sword is not a practical item but only the ornaments.

  7. Please never allow the persons without any knowledge of sword to hold or handle the sword.

  8. Please never take out or carry the sword outside.

  9. Please certainly keep the sword so that children cannot touch or hold the sword.

  10. Please certainly keep and care for the sword severely by careful attention to theft, robbery or loss.

  11. The sword is a traditional work of art which should require some peculiar treatment. Therefore, please be sure to take care of the sword regularly in accordance with "Procedure on Regular Treatment for Katana" presented separately.

[Procedure on Monthly and Anual Treatment for "Katana"]

Please be sure to take care of "Katana" (Japanese Sword) regularly so that you can maintain the quality and the condition for a longer time, because Katana is made of "iron" and is easy to be rusted.

Implements Required: [*placed in order from the left in the photo below]
Two pieces of "Washi" (Japanese Paper), "Mekugi-nuki" (Small Hammer),
"Uchiko" (Powder of Grindstone), Vegetable Oil, Cloth (for Application of Oil)

Procedure on Monthly  Treatment for "Katana"  ( Once a month )
pdf-file size (178KB)

Procedure on Annual Treatment for "Katana" ( Once a year )
pdf-file size(  78KB)

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